20140607 - untitled  0004Sydney Rope Festival is Oceania’s own Japanese rope bondage event. Held over the October long weekend in 2014 (Oct 4-6th), the festival brings to Sydney some of the best talent in Japanese rope bondage from around the world.

The intrinsic beauty, feel and structure of Japanese rope art has evolved from its original roots in Japanese martial arts to become the expressive art form that we see and are lucky enough to experience today. Whilst ‘shibari’ means to ‘to tie’ and ‘Kinbaku’, ‘tight binding’ the deeper meaning of the words do not translate in vocabulary as the portrayal of human emotion and desire that is the essence of Japanese rope art is both limitless and unable to be restrained by language.

This year Sydney rope festival ticket holders are lucky to have three acclaimed nawashi headlining from Japan; Kazami Ranki, Hajime Kinoko and Hourai Kasumi. Each of these people have carved their own space within both the Japanese and International rope scenes with their dedication to the art, creative brilliance and styles all of their own. Kazami san and Kasumi san will be running master classes during the week leading up to the festival with Kinoko san arriving in time to add his flair to the festival itself.

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Festival Highlights

  • Master Classes by Hourai Kasumi and Kazami Ranki
  • A rare appearance by Nawashi Hajime Kinoko
  • 21 classes over three days
  • One on one lessons available with all of our presenters
  • Over 15 performances ranging from the theatrical to the sensual
  • Immersion in Japanese food and culture
  • Japanese interpreters to make communication with our visitors fluid and enjoyable
  • A great chance to meet Japanese rope lovers from around Australia and around the world